Pillarsis is a leading provider of IT software solutions. The organization has a simple mission – to deliver innovative, high-quality and cost-effective software solutions that best represent our clients’ vision for their business.

Pillarsis has a proven delivery track record in web, desktop and mobile application design and development, business process automation, enterprise data management, intelligence and analytics solutions. We have served a variety of clients in healthcare, government and financial services industries.

Pillarsis approach focuses on client's needs from business analysis to solution implementation, delivery and support. We also provide training of your in-house staff on cutting-edge technologies and solutions that would gain your organization a competitive advantage.

Pillarsis provides the right solutions using the right technologies for your needs. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, our clients business needs are the main drivers for the solutions we provide.

Increase your productivity by automating many of your manual tasks with Pillarsis.

How it works...

Discuss your business needs


Meet with you and have a conversation that is geared towards understanding your business processes, how they are currently operationalized (as-is model) and how they could be improved.

Conceptualize a solution


With understanding your as-is model, we will clearly conceptualize your to-be model that will bridge the chasm between the two.

Strategize implementation


Discuss implementation details with you without losing focus on what your vision is.

Execute your vision


Create a to-be model around your vision.